I grew up in San Diego, California, with a deep love for the development and performance of powerful narrative. My first career was in information technology, giving me a background in troubleshooting and project management and bringing me here, to Seattle. I fell in love with theatre again when I returned to school and found a natural affinity for stage management along with the drive to pursue it.

I believe in theatre as activism.

Theatre is a means of modeling what is broken to better understand it, and a way of creating new worlds that we can later help our audiences build again outside the theatre. I love theatre that is uncomfortable, funny, and challenging; that tells stories about cultures and groups we don’t ordinarily see in media. Given this, my guiding theory of stage management is to look for the human. To facilitate strong work, I watch for both unique and shared frailties in order to safeguard my artists and keep the work going.

When not stage managing, I enjoy video games, reading science fiction, bingeing shows on Netflix, engaging with the technical theatre community on tumblr and discord, being incredibly funny, and thinking really hard about practicing piano but somehow not getting around to it.

I am a 2018 Intiman Emerging Stage Manager.