Dinosaur spirits invoked in a paleontologist’s lecture? Inspired by an eclectic assortment of paintings and photographs, Gallery of Perspective and Light explores the way that context shapes our human experience, since we only ever live in one time and only ever see through two eyes.

Written by Darby Sherwood
Directed by Alison Kozar
Troo/Edgar/Colette – Dana Winter
Rio/Housewife/Betsy/Willow – Sydney Kaser
Milkman/Marsh – Josh Rodriguez
Carl/Maggie/Nora/Sabrina – Maycee McQuin

Gallery of Perspective and Light had a hybrid rehearsal format, with some in-person rehearsal and most rehearsal taking place via zoom for COVID safety. Performance was filmed with a barebones crew at 18th and Union and later premiered via youtube.

When Nils’s ex-girlfriend dies suddenly, she drags him back into a toxic online roleplay scene he swore he’d never return to. He’d been doing okay sticking to his seven-year plan for getting over their breakup – but now, everyone either blames him or expects him to have answers, and he’s getting nasty anonymous messages that might be coming from beyond the grave. A nuanced examination of identity, trauma, assault, grief, and mental health through an online world.

All New Cells rehearsed and performed entirely via Zoom.